Style Trends to Look for in 2020

While the calendar has flipped to a New Year, it also ushered in a New Decade… so what will the 2020s look like?

Let’s take a look at some styles that will be popular in the coming year.

  • Eco-friendly apparel: Environmental concerns have been dominating the headlines for the last few years and that’s not expected to subside anytime soon. With many people looking to do their part for the planet, clothing made from recycled fabrics are growing in demand.
Track Suits
  • Throwbacks are here to stay: Updates of old looks are expected to remain very popular, which means track jackets and joggers are going to find their way into most wardrobes.
Digi Camo
  • Military colors: Colors to help honor those who serve will continue to be popular. Expect to see Olive Green and Coyote and Woodland Brown making their way into everyday wear as well as an increase in Digi Camo designs.
  • Tie-Dye: On the opposite side of the color spectrum, Tie-Dye is back… though some would say it never went away.

Where do you see the 2020s going? And what new looks are you excited to wear?

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