Each client is assigned an Account Executive.

Your Account Executive’s role is to make your job easier by providing suggestions, quotes, pricing and research. Finding the right products to fit your budget takes someone who is both creative and organized.

Our Account Executives work for you.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we work to understand your business and track your calendar of events. Our Account Executives are constantly looking for deals and ideas that match your specific needs. This takes much of the pressure off you to find the newest or most unique promotional items.

Kevins Worldwide® provides the highest quality and service standards.

  • Our Account Executive team makes your order process easy.
  • Team Leaders lend their experience should you need additional assistance.
  • Team Partners answer questions when your Account Executive is unavailable.
  • Your Account Executive shares best practice across a wide range of clients and projects.
  • Your Account Executive offers “Program Pricing” based on your yearly volume.
  • Your Account Executive coordinates with our Research Department to bring new ideas to you.
  • Your Account Executive helps with product marketing and fundraiser ideas.

Call us (570) 344-8985 or email us at sales@kevins.biz to discuss how we can put our creativity to work for you.